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NOTE: The Ostalpen-Card prices in this article refer to the rates for the 2021/22 season. The prices for the Ostalpen-Card season 2022/23 will be updated shortly. Online ordering of the Ostalpen-Card will also be available soon.

Ostalpen-Card season pass regular prices for Winter 2021/22

  • Ostalpen-Card Adult (born 1995 and before): € 571.00
  • Ostalpen-Card U25 (born 1996-2002): € 437.00
  • Ostalpen-Card Teen (born 2003-2006): € 437.00
  • Ostalpen-Card Child (born 2007-2015): € 291.00

Children born in 2016 and younger according to the tariff regulations of the respective ski area.

Ostalpen LSV rate (Can be purchased up to and including Sunday 12 December 2021!)

  • LSV Ostalpen-Card Adult (born 1995 and before): € 536.00
  • Ostalpen-Card U25 (born 1996-2002): € 437.00
  • LSV Ostalpen-Card Teen (born 2003-2006): € 411.00
  • LSV Ostalpen-Card Child (born 2007-2015): € 270.00

The U25 season pass cannot be applied when purchasing Ostalpen-Cards at a discounted LSV rate.

You will receive a confirmation e-mail after completing your online order. Your Ostalpen-Card will be shipped only once payment has been sent to the account given in the confirmation e-mail.

Only keycards will be sent. We require a deposit of € 2.00 for the keycard, which is returned when you give it back.